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Designing an Outfit

31 May

When I first come up with an outfit, the idea I have in my head usually doesn’t translate into a total deal. In this section, I’ll describe how I go from the idea I have in my head to the final product.

In my head, the outfit I had in mind looked like this:

(Yes, I know the military jacket is a little old and la la la la. But, I saw a military-inspired vest in H&M the other day. That’s my justification.)
It’s okay, but the colours are kind of block-y, and the outfit doesn’t really flow.
I added a necklace and a few bracelets to break up the blocks of colour.

It kind of worked, but the outfit still didn’t flow well. My next idea was to add patterned tights and partially button the jacket.
This turned out to be the final outfit:

I feel like this would be suitable for a semi-formal dinner or some such.

Dress, Harmony
Jacket, Forever 21
Tights, Modcloth
Shoes, Thrifted

What do you think?


I decorated!

17 May

I moved into my new house two weeks ago. At first in my room, there were just four pictures on the wall. Today, I found a TON of other pictures to put up. It all kind of went insane from there.