Sunglass Envy

1 Jun

I’m going to complain for a bit.

I wear glasses. That’s fine, except when I find sunglasses I like. I have to go through this whole big prescription ordeal in order to wear them. It’s kind of frustrating.

Instead of going through this ordeal, I choose to be uppity and post pictures of sunglasses that I like.

Oversized Vintage Unworn Balenciaga Paris Caramel Sunglasses, 68 GBP
Gorgeous Vintage Coral Emmanuelle Khanh Oversized Sunglasses, 125 GBP
Womens Heart Shaped Sunglasses | Black Retro Sunglasses, 7 GBP
Dior loop side maxi frame sunglasses, 100 GBP
ASOS | ASOS Outline Floral Sunglasses at ASOS, 13 EUR
Redmore Sunglasses, 129 GBP
0019 53F Sunglasses, $286
Gorgeous Vintage 1980s Emmanuelle Khanh Tortoiseshell Sunglasses, 125 GBP
Black Club Master Sunglasses by Ray-Ban, 118 GBP
A.J. Morgan Women’s Flamingo sunglasses, $13
ASOS 2 Tone Lens Aviator Sunglasses, $20
ASOS Floral Top Classic Retro Sunglasses, $17
Retro Super Future Puma Lucia Sunglasses, 118 GBP
carrera – safari aviators (red) – sunglasses – 80’s Purple, $120
Channeling Chanel….lace covered sunglasses!, $9.99
Floral Flat Top Sunglasses, $32

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